Why the U.S. Mental Health Care System Needs More Places for People to Just Chill Out

“The Living Room model of care jibes with psychiatrist Patrick Corrigan’s theory of destigmatization. Corrigan, a researcher at the Illinois Institute of Technology, believes that destigmatizing mental illness hinges on more people coming out as having a mentall illness. We[…]

Depression Isn’t What You Think It Is

“In April 2013, Insel announced that the NIMH would shift its $1.4 billion annual research budget away from projects focusing on DSM diagnoses to instead concentrate on underlying disturbances of brain circuitry. That means using brain imaging to look at[…]

How to rebuild America’s mental health system, in 5 big steps

“No genuine system of mental health care exists in the United States. This country’s diagnosis and treatment of mental health problems are fragmented across a variety of providers and payers – and they are all too often unaffordable. If you[…]

Study: Exercise Protects The Brain Against Depression

“Evidence from many credible studies shows that exercise is potent medicine for the mind. Both strength training and cardiovascular exercise yield benefits above the shoulders, like greater endurance under stress and more mental elasticity to bounce back from difficult situations. We know[…]

Mental Health Care System Is Failing At Suicide Prevention, Advocates Say

“Currently only Washington state and Kentucky have adopted laws that require suicide prevention training be included in mental health education programs. It’s too soon to tell how effective those laws have been, but smaller scale efforts have shown great results. The Henry Ford Health[…]

Deadly Stigma: Robin Williams’ Suicide Exposes Silent Epidemic

“The alarming part, say researchers, is that suicide remains an untamed cause of death. Heart disease, cancer, HIV, most infectious diseases, almost every kind of accident: they’re all in relatively steep decline, while suicide floats along, or even rises.” Read[…]

People With Mental Illness Need a Stonewall Inn: Only if they come out of the closet can we address the mental health care crisis

“We are responsible for the lack of progress made in terms of diagnosing and treating mental illness because we’ve successfully hidden the magnitude of the problem. Why should Congress or state legislatures allocate funds to fix a problem that flies[…]

Athletes’ mental health to be explored

“Sometimes it’s a bit more difficult for student-athletes to seek help because of the norms around sports of being tough and resilient, finding one’s own way through problems,” said Daniel Eisenberg, an associate professor at the school of public health.[…]

$650M gift to Broad seeks to propel psychiatric research

“The Broad Institute today announced an unprecedented commitment of $650 million from philanthropist Ted Stanley aimed at galvanizing scientific research on psychiatric disorders and bringing new treatments based on molecular understanding to hundreds of millions of people around the world… […]

Behind the Yellow Door, a Man’s Mental Illness Worsens

“With no other treatable illness do we wait for someone to hit bottom before providing treatment even though acute signs and symptoms are apparent. Why do we, the families of people living with serious mental illnesses, have to continue waiting[…]