$650M gift to Broad seeks to propel psychiatric research

“The Broad Institute today announced an unprecedented commitment of $650 million from philanthropist Ted Stanley aimed at galvanizing scientific research on psychiatric disorders and bringing new treatments based on molecular understanding to hundreds of millions of people around the world… […]

Behind the Yellow Door, a Man’s Mental Illness Worsens

“With no other treatable illness do we wait for someone to hit bottom before providing treatment even though acute signs and symptoms are apparent. Why do we, the families of people living with serious mental illnesses, have to continue waiting[…]

How Mental Illness Fed My Creativity

“There’s no romance to mental illness. Whether you’re suffering from psychosis or schizophrenia, bipolar disorder or depression, the realities of mental ill-health often mean a life disrupted by isolation, harrowing symptoms, hospitalizations, discrimination and despair.” Read the Full Article Source:[…]

Do the Mentally Ill Have to Be Extraordinary to Be Accepted?

“Let’s face it: When we see mental illnesses, like bipolar, on television, it’s most often associated with killers, but when mental illness isn’t seen in a negative light, it’s seen as some sort of gift.” Read the Full Article Source:[…]