Every 13 minutes a Robin Williams

“I say that it is our collective responsibility to advocate for mental health because those that suffer from a mental illness may not have the ability to understand what is happening to them nor do they have the ability to[…]

What’s Your Story: Danielle Hark’s “Coming Out of the Bipolar Closet”

“You start to think everyone would be better off without you. You feel broken and unfixable, so why go through it all? Why? Things are hopeless. You begin to feel numb or dead inside, so you drink or take drugs,[…]

What’s Your Story? “Depression is a friend, not my enemy” by Conor Cusack

“For those people who are currently gripped by depression, either experiencing it or are supporting or living with someone with it, I hope my story helps. There is no situation that is without hope, there is no person that can’t[…]

Conor Cusack Speaks out About Mental Health and Depression

“Former Cork, Ireland Hurler Conor Cusack was lauded last October after he spoke openly and movingly about his battle with depression and subsequent recovery in a searingly honest blog post.  Cusack has since emerged as a pioneer for addressing mental health[…]

How Mental Illness Fed My Creativity

“There’s no romance to mental illness. Whether you’re suffering from psychosis or schizophrenia, bipolar disorder or depression, the realities of mental ill-health often mean a life disrupted by isolation, harrowing symptoms, hospitalizations, discrimination and despair.” Read the Full Article Source:[…]