Every 13 minutes a Robin Williams

“I say that it is our collective responsibility to advocate for mental health because those that suffer from a mental illness may not have the ability to understand what is happening to them nor do they have the ability to think in a “rational” manner. Additionally, doctors do not always know how to properly diagnose or treat the illness.   It is our job to ask our friends and family if they are okay and to learn how to talk to someone when they are depressed.  It is our job to drive them to an appointment or the hospital when they cannot get out of bed and have thoughts of suicide.   It is our job become educated and to know the warning sings of a mental illness. It’s our job to advocate for our children. It is our job to reach out.”

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  • Holly, God bless you and your family and the work you are doing! I’m so sorry you have suffered the loss of your brother. But because of you, his death will not be in vain! I cried when my nephew, David, told me about you and The Benny Fund and I cry now as I read your article. I know he was much loved by his family and friends. You speak so eloquently of this disease, depression, as someone who feels this disease herself only can. Benny was so blessed to have you as his sister! I, too am blessed by my family, friends and I am so thankful for them. We must reach out to people with mental illness as at times, people are so low they do not know how bad they are. Thank you so much for the opportunity to advocate for depression and to bring this disease into the light. PLEASE email me to let me know when I can pour ice over my head for this disease! I’ll be happy to come! Your story touched me when David sent me the post and it continues to touch me. I want to help and will depend on info from you on how to do that as I don’t know where to start! Again, please email me so we can keep in touch personally! I feel like we are sisters in this cause since I too have depression. Thank you and by the way, it’s my opinion that there is no such thing as too much swearing! Ask David!

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