Mindfulness Based Therapy Prevents Depression Relapse

“The first large study to compare mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT)—a psychological therapy designed to change the way people think and feel about their experiences—with maintenance antidepressant medication suggests that MBCT could offer an alternative to antidepressants for preventing depression relapse.

The study investigators aimed to determine whether MBCT with support to taper or discontinue antidepressant treatment (MBCT-TS) was superior to maintenance antidepressants for preventing depression relapse or recurrence over 2 years. Although the study did not provide this finding, the results do suggest that MBCT appears to offer similar protection against depression relapse or recurrence as maintenance antidepressants for patients who have experienced multiple episodes of depression, and with similar associated costs.”

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Source: hcplive.com/medical-news,   |   HCPLive staff
Image Source: hcplive.com/medical-news

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