‘Ridiculous Fun’ Helps A Blogger See Through Depression’s Darkness

“I was in the middle of a very long depression. I had lost a couple of friends, and I was at a point where I had no emotions that I could feel except anger. I thought, I am going to be furiously happy out of spite as soon as this depression lifts. I thought it was only fair that, when I come out of it, I say yes to things that I wouldn’t normally say yes to. I’d do ridiculous, fun things — not as a cure for depression, because it’s not — but as a way to have a weapon to counter depression. So when I would have a depressive episode, I could think, “But remember the time where I rented those kangaroos to come to the house, wasn’t that fun? That was fun. I can have fun like that again.”

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Source: NPR.org by Lynne Shallcross
Image Source: Jenny Lawson

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