What’s Your Story, Deb?

Thank you for your kind and thoughtful email, Deb.  We need to hear from more brave folks like you!  Your commitment to end stigma will have a lasting impact.  The Benny Fund applauds you!

“I have had anxiety and depression since I was 14 years old. I am now 58 years old. I am currently under treatment with a Psychiatrist and a LCSW, both of whom are wonderful. It’s an everyday battle but mental illness is no different than an illness in any other part of the body: heart disease, diabetes, hypertension. It can be managed with good mental health care, just like any other illness but the mental health system in this country is sadly lacking. It is a multilayered problem and many things need to change, first and foremost, discussion to raise awareness and remove the stigma! As an RN, I have seen so much stigma regarding mental illness, it is shameful! This is the beginning of my commitment to remove that stigma one and for all. I would like to mention, my wonderful, loving nephew posted this on Facebook and I am very glad he did! Thank you for your website and hopefully in my lifetime, we might see a significant change in the attitude and treatment of the mentally ill.”

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